Food banks and Feeding America respond to tornado outbreaks

Disaster relief supplies after Hurricane Ida.
December 16, 2021
by Ash Slupski

What's Happening?

The South and the Midwest are reeling from multiple, devastating tornadoes over the weekend. The tornadoes caused widespread destruction and injury in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois. At this time, nearly 90 people have lost their lives, and thousands are without power.

Our hearts go out to people across these states facing even more loss during the ongoing pandemic and increased expenses during the holidays.

What are food banks and Feeding America doing?

Food banks in the region are ramping up their response despite power outages. Many food banks are distributing ready-to-eat meals and emergency supplies to residents.

Feeding America is committed to providing meals, water, and supplies to Kentucky and Arkansas's heavily impacted areas. So far, Feeding America has deployed 39 truckloads to the impacted communities - a total of 1.2 million pounds of emergency food boxes, water, ready-to-eat meals, and personal care items.

As the situation develops, the Feeding America network will continue to send equipment, staff, and supplies to the most impacted areas.

What can I do to help?

To support the recovery efforts, please follow the social media profiles or websites of food banks in the impacted areas. Local food banks lead the on-the-ground response and know what their communities need during disasters. That may be food, monetary donations, or volunteers.

Food banks hit hardest by the tornadoes include:

If you prefer to support our national disaster relief program, you can contribute to the Feeding America disaster relief fund. 

How can I find help?

If you or a loved one needs food or emergency supplies, reach out to the food bank near you.