Hunger impacts Native American families and communities

Hunger impacts every community in the United States, yet Native Americans are more likely to face hunger. According to Census data, approximately 1 in 5 Native American individuals were food insecure, though other work has indicated that the rate may be much higher. 

Native Americans experience many unique challenges and are more likely to face hunger:

  • A long history of harmful federal policies has led to high rates of poverty and high rates of food insecurity in Native communities in the United States.
  • According to the Census Bureau, one in four Native Americans lives in poverty.
  • Only 28 counties in the United States have a population that is majority Native American. However, 18 of those counties were projected to have experienced higher rates of hunger in 2020.
  • The USDA found that only 26% of Native communities are within one mile from a supermarket, compared to 59% of all people living in the United States. This makes it very difficult for people living in Native communities to benefit from federal food programs like SNAP.

To address hunger in Native American communities, Feeding America is working with national organizations to meet the needs of local communities. Local food banks also work closely with Native American communities to increase access to food.