Food Security Equity Impact Fund

The Food Security Equity Impact Fund helps communities build lasting solutions to hunger, creating a brighter future for all.

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About the fund

The Food Security Equity Impact Fund fuels community-driven solutions to hunger. We believe communities hold the key to their food security. We partner with food banks and organizations led by people of color, trusting their vision and investing in their success.

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Impactful results

Since 2021, we’ve invested over $20 million in 35 partner food banks and 75 community-based organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico. 90% of these organizations are led by people of color, ensuring diverse perspectives shape our work.

$20M invested in grants.

35 partner food banks.

75 community organizations nationwide.

90% of organizations led by people of color.

Meet our grantees

A woman smiling in a garden.

Gullah Farmers Cooperative

“The work we’re doing gives everyone a chance to have a healthier way of life. I believe access to fresh food is the foundation of equity” – Ashley Walker, Gullah Farmers Cooperative Association

The Gullah Farmers Cooperative connects local farmers of colors with communities, boosting access to nutritious produce.

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Raul holding bins and smiling.

Desde mi Huerto

“Our food comes from seeds, so seeds are the main thing in our lives.” – Raul Rosado, President of Desde mi Huerto

Desde mi Huerto revives native crops and empowers farmers, building food sovereignty in Puerto Rico.

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A farmer in a field holding a crate and smiling.

Ma’o Organic Farms

“The farmers market has been a critical part of how we connect with this community and how we get our community members fresh, organic produce” – Kaui Sana, Farm Manager of Ma’o Organic Farms

Ma’o Organic Farms, a social enterprise, provides jobs, fresh produce, and empowerment for Hawaii residents.

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Trust-based grantmaking

  • We trust communities, not dictate solutions. Multi-year grants allow local leaders to innovate and build long-term solutions.
  • We go beyond emergency food assistance, tackling systemic barriers like racial and economic inequalities.
  • We celebrate creativity and innovation, supporting projects like Black farmer cooperatives, economic mobility programs, and developing equitable food systems that help nourish people.
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Invest in the Food Security Equity Impact Fund

Join a transformative movement to build a future where everyone can access healthy, nutritious food. Contact our dedicated Strategic Gifts team to explore impactful giving options and explore the impact your generosity can create.

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