Food Security Equity Impact Fund

The Food Security Equity Impact Fund was established to drive investments to communities of color known to be disproportionately impacted by food insecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic. It also honors Feeding America's commitment to advance equity. It aims to create and deepen community partnerships and center people with lived experiences of hunger in creating a more equitable food system.

Accepting Grant Applications

We invite members of the Feeding America network and community-based organizations to submit proposals for this initial round of funding jointly. We expect to grant $5M during this initial round of funding. We will select up to 20 organizations as grantees.

Community-based organizations must apply with a local food bank member.


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We seek to fund projects that focus on serving communities of color to address the root causes of hunger and food insecurity. Proposed projects may support work already in progress or offer new, transformative solutions.

Strong proposals will involve the most marginalized communities in developing solutions to improve food security and create a more just food system.

Proposals may request funding for Planning or Implementation Grants:

  • Planning Grants– initial funding up to $250K, OR
  • Implementation Grants – initial funding up to $500K

At least 85% of requested funding (actual dollars) must be allocated to the partnering community-based organization



For this round of funding, proposals must be submitted jointly by a member of the Feeding America network and community-based organizations serving people of color. Organizations lead a person of color or persons of color and serve mainly communities of color receive preference.


The Feeding America member must submit the proposal through the member-only portal. The Feeding America member and the community partner(s) must complete application questions together. Feeding America members can submit only one proposal during this initial round of funding. 

Important Dates

April 13, 2022        RFP release
June 7, 2022        Grant applications due 
June 30, 2022        Applicants notified of final decisions
July 1, 2022        Grant Period begins
Mid-Late July        Introductory call with Grantees


Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or requests for more information. A member of our Equity Team will respond to your inquiry.