How is the Feeding America network responding to the Puerto Rico earthquakes?

Van delivering food in Puerto Rico
January 10, 2020
by Paul Morello

What’s Happening?

On Monday, January 6, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Puerto Rico. The next day, an even more powerful 6.4 quake hit the island, followed by a series of aftershocks. The tremors have caused significant damage to homes and buildings, leaving nearly one million residents without power and forcing 2,000 people into shelters. Many more sleep outside, in fear of their home collapsing. Hundreds of thousands of people don’t have access to water.

How is the Feeding America network responding?

Banco de Alimentos, the Feeding America food bank in Puerto Rico, has been working since the earthquakes hit to provide food for those in need following the disaster. As of Thursday morning, the food bank has distributed 22,518 pounds of food, water and emergency supplies at multiple distribution sites in the municipalities of Guánica, Yauco, Guayanilla and Lajas. 

Feeding America remains in close contact with the food bank and will be supporting their disaster-relief efforts.

How can I help?

The best way to help at this time is to make a donation.

Monetary donations will ensure the food bank has the resources it needs to provide food for the residents impacted by the disaster as quickly as possible. To offer support directly to Banco de Alimentos please make a donation.  

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