My Favorite Box of Cereal

Donated cereal at Harvest Hope
January 12, 2016
by Ash Little

For the outstanding effort to rebuild and reclaim stability in South Carolina, a big "shout out" to General Mills and the more than 60 bloggers hailing from cities near and far. Together, they rallied to help donate more than 1000 boxes of cereal to Harvest Hope Food Bank – a member of Feeding America. Behold the power of the internet! 

The cereal donated was included in “disaster boxes” that Harvest Hope expedited to help families experiencing loss and thus aid in the rebuilding of the region in the wake of catastrophic flooding.

What makes this donation unique is that each blogger agreed to share a meaningful commitment or a personal promise that is important to their lives, their family, social community and/or livelihood. General Mills took the bloggers' mantra and transformed it into a very creative and engaging piece of digital artwork.

Check out some of the bloggers and the artwork below:

Hands On As We Grow
Baby Rabies
My Life Suckers 
I’m A Celiac
Super Healthy Kids 

General Mills then graciously donated cases of Kix, Cheerios, and Honey Nut Cheerios in the name of the bloggers to Harvest Hope Food Bank – donating a grand total of more than 1,000 boxes. The gesture is in celebration of General Mills’ ongoing commitment to its community and continuing to make its cereals better with the removal of artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources.

Since October 5, Harvest Hope continues to assist people hurt by the floods. We have provided food and water equal to 2.3 million meals to flood victims. We are also dispatching disaster mobile food pantries to remote areas in our state that have a dearth of basic necessities.

At one of Harvest Hope's disaster mobile food pantries, a family in need came through to receive a disaster relief box. As they were waiting to talk to a social worker regarding housing issues, their little boy opened up his box and saw a box of cereal. He was very excited and pulled it out – showing his parents the cereal and telling them it was one of his favorites. It was a very sweet, touching moment.

Cereal is a hot item and is needed by food banks across the country for the people we serve – people like that little boy. This gift comes at a particularly important time as it is nutritious, comforting food for people in need who were detrimentally impacted by the recent flooding. I hope all the participating bloggers understand how totally incredible this donation was, how it is helping our community and how excited all of us at Harvest’s Hope is to receive it.

Much thanks and many kudos again to General Mills and the motivated army of bloggers for your efforts towards supporting our cause. General Mills is a rock-solid donor that helps all Feeding America member food banks throughout the year. Thank you for understanding that hunger is always a disaster, and that providing food for people going through it will always provide much-needed relief.

 *Ash Little is the marketing manager at Harvest Hope Food Bank.