Hunger in America

Everyone needs nutritious food to thrive. And, while people are working hard to provide for themselves and their families, approximately 49 million people—that's one in six people in the U.S.—still relied on food assistance from charities like Feeding America in 2022. 

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Hunger facts



million people in the United States are food insecure


million children in the United States are food insecure


million people turned to food programs in 2022



of U.S. counties have food insecurity

Fact about hunger in America

  • More than 44 million people in the US face hunger, including 1 in 5 children.

    Millions of people in the US don't have enough food to eat or don't have access to healthy food. This is a big problem, but together, we can solve it.

    Source: USDA's annual Household Food Insecurity in the United States report

  • In 2022 alone, 49 million people turned to food assistance for extra help.

    Food banks, food pantries and community organizations unite to help millions of people access affordable, nutritious food for themselves and their families. 

    Source: Feeding America's annual report Charitable Food Assistance Participation

  • People experience food insecurity in every community.

    However, people in rural communities and the South are often more likely to lack access to enough food. This is because of many factors like poverty, unemployment, and the cost of living.

  • Inequality is a root cause of food insecurity for people of color

    Food insecurity happens to people of all races and ethnicities. However, it is more common for people of color because of the long history of racism and discrimination in the United States.

Who faces hunger in the United States?

Hunger can affect people from all walks of life. Millions of people in America are just one job loss, missed paycheck, or medical emergency away from hunger. But hunger doesn't affect everyone equally - some groups like children, seniors, and people of color face hunger at much higher rates.

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