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A woman holding a box.
Thursday, Jan 6 2022

The new year is always an opportunity to refresh and reset our routines, habits and goals. Amidst the pandemic, this year’s resolutions may look a little different than in years past, with a special...

A woman hands another woman a box of food.
Tuesday, Dec 14 2021
Want to know how you can volunteer at a food pantry this holiday? Use our guide to learn how to sign up and what you might be doing. Would your family rather help out from home? We've got great options to ensure you're able to get involved however you're most comfortable.
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Jacqueline White
Saturday, Nov 20 2021
For Jacqueline White, a member of the Northern Arapaho and Chippewa Cree tribes, food is more than a daily necessity. It's an important part of her heritage. As the Tribal Relations Specialist at the Food Bank of Wyoming, she's working to ensure that heritage is celebrated and shared.