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Ralph and his son, Michael.
Thursday, Nov 2 2023
Once volunteers at a holiday food distribution in Massachusetts, Ralph and his son Michael needed a little extra help this holiday.
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Zuani Villareal, Senior Director of Communications
Friday, Oct 6 2023
Feeding America creates new role to work with Latino communities to help close the gap in the disproportionately high food insecurity rates that Latinos currently face in this country. Latinos are 2.5 times more likely to experience food insecurity than non-Hispanic white communities. Feeding America is working to end hunger in America and its disparate impact on minority communities.
Farmers in Puerto Rico.
Monday, Aug 28 2023

Desde mi Huerto, a seed bank located in the north-western region of Puerto Rico, is aiming to promote the growth of organic crops throughout the Caribbean by producing and distributing high-quality...