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Oranges in a tote.
Tuesday, Mar 7 2023

Nestled into rolling hills about an hour north of San Diego, California, Ray Lodge’s small farm has been growing some of the best citrus in the country for more than half a century.


A woman hands another woman a box of food.
Thursday, Dec 15 2022
Want to know how you can volunteer at a food pantry this holiday? Use our guide to learn how to sign up and what you might be doing. Would your family rather help out from home? We've got great options to ensure you're able to get involved however you're most comfortable.
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A man in a black chef jacket looks at the camera.
Tuesday, Nov 29 2022

Chef Sean Sherman is on a mission.

“We have to understand and address the history of Indigenous People and how all of the really brutal and violent history has removed us from a lot of our food...

heart hands
Tuesday, Nov 22 2022
Are you looking for a gift to give to a family member or friend? Are you hoping to give a gift that helps make a difference for people facing hunger? Whether you are a planner or a last-minute purchaser, your holiday gifts can support Feeding America’s fight against hunger.