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Disaster Response and Relief

From floods and wildfires to hurricanes and tornados, more communities across America face natural disasters. In these tough times, communities come together with incredible strength and resilience.

Feeding America partners with local food banks to get nourishing meals to families and individuals after disasters. These meals fuel people as they get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.

Your donation is powerful!

Every dollar you donate helps local food banks on the frontlines. They deliver critical food supplies to our neighbors affected by disasters.

How we respond to disasters

When disaster strikes, the Feeding America network is there–ready to deliver food, water and essential supplies. We support our neighbors getting back on their feet after a disaster. In total, 8 million pounds of emergency food have been distributed, while 16 food banks have been impacted by disasters. We collaborate with 66 national disaster response partners to amplify our ability to provide assistance.

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Disaster Preparedness

We have emergency food stockpiles across the country, so no matter where a disaster strikes, we can rush out supplies. We also work closely with government agencies and other disaster organizations to make sure everyone gets help.

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Disaster Response

After a disaster, our network springs into action. We set up mobile food pantries and team up with food companies to get even more supplies to communities. Together, we ensure no one goes hungry.

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Disaster Recovery

Even when other disaster organizations leave, Feeding America stays. We provide resources and support so communities can rebuild and prevent hunger for good.

Supporting our general disaster fund allows us to assist every community put at risk for food insecurity by a disaster.

See the Feeding America network in action

Thanks to your support, Feeding America has provided $5.9 million in disaster relief funding.

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Addressing Hurricane Idalia

Feeding America and local food banks mobilized to provide food, water and supplies to communities impacted by Hurricane Idalia in Florida.

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Relief Efforts for Maui Wildfires

In response to the devastating Maui wildfires, Feeding America worked with local food banks to provide emergency aid to the affected communities.

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Responding to Hurricane Ian

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Ian’s devastation in Florida, Feeding America distributed truckloads of relief supplies, including disaster boxes and water.

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Every donation makes a difference

Donating to our Disaster Response Fund is the best way to fuel our disaster response efforts. Big or small, every gift helps! Some disasters don’t make the news, but your donation ensures that no community gets left behind.

Let’s create a future where everyone has the food they need to thrive, even during disasters.

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