Why I Give

Feeding America is thankful for individuals who are committed to fighting hunger in America. By donating, volunteering, advocating and educating, the following individuals have raised funds and awareness to help people struggling with hunger. Their creativity and determination are inspiring. The stories below are listed from most recent to least recent.


Lily Tyler

With 1.2 million people suffering from hunger in Los Angeles, 10 year old Lily Tyler (an LA native herself) is on a mission to raise awareness with others in her community.
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Strike Out Hunger

Beloved Hall of Fame baseball star Cal Ripken Jr. spent 21 seasons in Major League Baseball playing for the Baltimore Orioles, including a record-setting 2,632 consecutive games. After his retirement in 2001, Cal and his family founded the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation in memory of his late father. Over the last 19 years, the foundation has served 1.5 million children in-need each year, providing safe places for them to learn and play.
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Hunger impacts every community in America and, due to the pandemic, the need is expected to grow. Volunteer philanthropists Raj and Aradhana (Anna) Asava, leaders and founders of the Indian American HungerMitao movement, are helping to address this need – most recently by pledging $1 million to Feeding America.
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Chris's Story

Chris Roberts wearing blue plaid shirt
Growing up, Chris Roberts worried about where his next meal would come from. “I was a child who depended on food banks growing up,” he said. “I know from personal experience how impactful they can be.”
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Skya Nelson's Story

"There is something about feeding people that is the most innate good we can do." Skya Nelson (Owner, Fed By Threads) takes lived experience and weaves it into the very fiber of the company, committing to providing meals for our neighbors in need throughout the country.
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Steve Zeder's Story

Steve Zeder
Whether sorting food at his local food bank, helping to serve meals for families in need or designating Feeding America in his estate plan, Steve’s hunger-relief efforts have both local and national impact.
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Extra Helping

Janet Reich Elsbach and Anna Brones
Through Extra Helping, a new cookbook that feeds your body as well as your soul, Janet Reich Elsbach and Anna Brones team up to talk about food, its place in our lives and what it means to be stewards of humanity within our own community. For every copy sold, Roost Books will donate five meals to serve our neighbors in need.
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Christopher Pair

Chris Pair
Through partnering with Feeding America, Christopher and the Plexus team are striving to make a substantial impact on the hunger crisis. In June 2018, Plexus launched its Nourish One™ Initiative* in which every purchase of Plexus Lean™ contributes a monetary donation equivalent to 14 meals to Feeding America.
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For Sean Kelly, SnackNation’s co-founder and CEO, philanthropic giving is an integral part of the company’s culture and business model. To help people struggling with hunger, every SnackNation box shipped triggers the financial equivalent of an 11-meal donation to Feeding America.
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Tighe Merkert's Story

Tighe Merkert, Feeding America donor and advocate
For over seven years, Tighe Merkert has been a generous supporter of Feeding America and has broadened the awareness on the issue of hunger among the employees of Marriner Marketing Communications in Columbia, Maryland.
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