Alex Hertzberg


Alex Hertzberg is President of HertzbergMedia in Los Angeles and a supporter of Feeding America for several years.

“It is very important for our family to be aware of other people’s struggles and needs. Of all the worthy causes to contribute our support, hunger relief is one with a reachable solution, and it just doesn’t make sense that anyone should be hungry in this country. Food and nutrition are basic necessities that we can help provide to our fellow Americans.

Of all the incredible hunger-relief programs at Feeding America, child hunger programs particularly resonate with my family. Kids cannot thrive at school or in life when they are hungry. All children deserve the basic nourishment to live healthy lives.

My family and company support Feeding America and our local food bank because our philanthropic goals are to improve our neighborhood through an organization that can ultimately improve every neighborhood. Feeding America excels at developing partnerships at every level to raise awareness and yield remarkable results for hunger relief. I am confident that my time, energy and donations are helping to solve hunger.”

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