Ajay Gupta's story

In the Gupta household, giving back is a family responsibility. “If everybody gives a lending hand to those in need,” says Ajay, “in its own little way, the world becomes a better place.”

Ajay and his three children (Connor, Natalia, and Anjali) strive to put these words into practice. One way this lives out is in his conscious effort to raise compassionate children. His hope is to instill a sense of responsibility to help those who are in need. To do this, Ajay provides gentle reminders of opportunities to give back. Whether it is his children using their own allowance money to buy coloring books for children at orphanages or by sharing leftover food with someone who is experiencing homelessness, the Gupta family is a family of philanthropists.

“If children can learn to give—whether a portion of their allowance or their time—at such a young age, just imagine what they can do when they are out in the workforce, creating businesses, and able to redirect a portion of their support to people in need,” commented Ajay.

When we asked how he became involved with Feeding America, Ajay mentioned that he was inspired by his friend Tony Robbins and his partnership with Feeding America. “Tony shared why he chose this organization, how Feeding America works and how many meals can be leveraged for every dollar donated," said Ajay. “I took a much closer look and made the decision to start donating on a regular basis.” Ajay is inspired by the ability to create the greatest positive impact for those being served.

To date, Ajay has provided the equivalent of more than 10 million meals to help people in need through the Tony Robbins 1 Billion Meals Challenge. In addition, Ajay and his family address hunger in their own community by volunteering at local food banks. While living in California, the family has developed a close relationship with Feeding San Diego.

For anyone considering engaging in the fight to end hunger with Feeding America and its network of food banks, the Gupta’s offer three pieces of advice:

  1. Understand the staggering number of people—including children—who may go to sleep hungry every single day in the richest country in the world. (In the United States, one in eight people may not know where they will get their next meal).
  2. Learn more about Feeding America and how the organization maximizes every dollar to feed as many people as possible.
  3. Visit your local food bank and start giving even if it’s just a small amount of money or time.

On behalf of everyone at Feeding America, we sincerely thank Ajay for your inspirational commitment to hunger relief. We are so proud to have you as a partner.

If you would like to learn about hunger in your community, click here to find your local food bank.

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