Tighe Merkert


For over seven years, Tighe Merkert has been a generous supporter of Feeding America and has broadened the awareness on the issue of hunger among the employees of Marriner Marketing Communications in Columbia, Maryland.

“So many hunger efforts are globally focused but during the great recession of 2007-09 I felt that we needed to help our communities right here in the USA. It was a very difficult time for people,” Tighe said. “Hunger is close to us in our communities – I see it in my hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, and in many other cities where you would not expect it. 

Some people just need a little helping hand. The need is so great and it seems possible to end hunger, but it will take a united effort.

It is important to get nutritious food to people in need. Not only do we need to continue to distribute healthier food to people struggling with hunger but we also need to provide education on the connection of food and health. There is a knowledge gap. We can help people in need have access not only to nutritious food but a better understanding of nutrition and the many benefits that healthy food provides a family.

When deciding on which hunger organization to support, I researched who was doing what well and who was getting the money where it needs to go. Feeding America does it well and has a high efficiency rating, which is important to me.

This past year it was even easier to decide to support Feeding America due to the Christopher Society Matching Gift Fund, which doubled our contribution. It was very generous of Doris Christopher to set up the society.  This allowed us both to multiply our impact! We are united on a cause and the effect is mutual.

With that said, the commitment is more than just financial. We also support our employees to take time out of their day to help contribute to a great cause – just recently we had a group volunteer at the Maryland Food Bank. We packed out 12,486 meals for Maryland families, which made everyone feel a real sense of accomplishment. I am proud to be able to create awareness of this issue and motivate others to be part of the solution.”



Tighe Merkert, Feeding America donor and advocate