Gallant International Inc.’s Story

Gallant International, a Southern California based tote bag and accessory company, contributes to the well-being of people around the globe. In 2019, Gallant International pledged to donate 100,000 meals through Feeding America. Vik Giri, the company’s founder, was inspired to partner with Feeding America because the problem of hunger lies close to his heart. 

Vik grew up in Nepal and experienced hunger and its devastating impact firsthand. “When I was young,” said Vik, “a hailstorm destroyed all of our crops, leaving us without enough food. I had to walk two hours to get 30 pounds of wheat from the government for my family.” He continued, “Kids at school bought afternoon snacks, but I didn’t have enough money to buy them. Providing meals today makes me feel happy and rewarded.” 

Gallant gives back worldwide, and for them, giving back whenever possible is essential. Factory workers are employed at a Fair Trade factory, are paid living wages and receive a Fair Trade Premium, an extra sum of money that may be spent to help improve and develop their environmental, social and economic circumstances. In addition, Gallant’s farmers are pre-financed to purchase cotton seeds, ensuring farmers are debt-free and equipped with supplies for every season. 

Positively impacting people’s lives is central to Feeding America’s mission and is a core value for Gallant and its retail brand Terra Thread. Under Vik’s leadership, Gallant and Terra Thread are focused on the health and well-being of others. Every purchase generates 20 meals to people in need through the Feeding America network of food banks. “Partnering with Feeding America allows us to personally impact people receiving meals,” said Vik. “It is something I am proud to do. It’s amazing that $1 can help provide ten meals. Even if $5 is donated, it can make a big impact.” 

In speaking to his company’s larger mission, Vik said, “I hope to inspire change in the lives of all. Uplifting people is meaningful to me in a special way. It is our hope to inspire others to make a change too.” 

Vik Giri in black tee shirt