Andrea Crowder

The request arrived with seemingly divine timing. An invitation to a “Farm to Table” event for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, a member of the Feeding America network, was an answer to a prayer for Andrea Crowder, who wanted to feel more connected to her giving. She marked her calendar and, when the day came, attended the event with her young daughter.

Andrea, a life coach with a message of freedom and flexibility, wants to be a force for good. As part of the business plan at Andrea Crowder Fitness, the organization supports charities that make a difference, including Feeding America.

Already a donor to Feeding America, Andrea chose to “step it up” after hearing Tony Robbins talk about his experience with childhood hunger, his partnership with Feeding America and his support of individuals facing hunger. His story resonated with Andrea’s own early years when the kindness of strangers helped soothe difficult family circumstances. To date, Andrea’s donations to Feeding America have equated to over 100,000 meals for people struggling with hunger.

We asked Andrea how it feels to give back. “If I had to say one word, it would be ‘empowered,’” she said. “I feel empowered when I can help someone. I know how defeating it feels to depend on other people. How humbled and desperate you feel when you get to that point. I know how hard that is.”

Now on the giving end, Andrea reflected on her experience at the food bank event. “I did not realize that the issue of hunger and Feeding America’s work go well beyond a meal. Feeding America helps put people up on their feet,” she said. “I was surprised to hear that you partner with other organizations to help people who fall on hard times.” She continued, “It was so nice to shake hands with the people who work to end hunger and see what is going on in the community. It gave me a bigger vision of hunger relief.”

It is a vision that Andrea wishes to instill in her children as well. With the belief that “even if you only have a little, you can give a little to others,” Andrea added, “You feel more fulfilled when you feel connected, when you know your actions have a bigger impact on others.”

On behalf of the 42 million people in the United States who struggle with hunger, we thank Andrea for her ongoing support of our work and for her vision of a hunger-free America.

Andrea Crowder