Graf Lantz's Story

The last year has been an anomaly for the world. Since the inception of the pandemic many businesses have had to fundamentally change the way they operate. Graf Lantz, an online home and lifestyle accessories company founded by Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz, did just that. “Everything changes. Everything evolves,” said Daniel.

Facing mounting pressure due to the challenges presented by COVID-19, these innovative co-founders changed their focus from creating products with classic styles made with wool, leather, and canvas, to instead producing quality face masks. This shift presented the company with a solution for saving the business and quickly grew into a philanthropic endeavor.

All too familiar with food insecurity, the pandemic reminded Daniel of his past, one marked by the absence of nutritious food. The company wanted to make an impact on hunger and, after noticing that their consumer base represented many communities around the country, turned to Feeding America because of its national reach. For every mask sold, Graf Lantz donates 10 meals to support hunger relief through the Feeding America food bank network.

For Graf Lantz, donating to Feeding America was a way of recognizing that poverty has become a reality for many. Those who experienced food insecurity, even before the pandemic, have given so much to society and often have not received much back. To date, Graf Lantz’s partnership has raised the financial equivalent of 4,000,000 meals to help neighbors in need across America.

Graf Lantz’s story is one of resilience, innovation, and humanity.