Lily Tyler's Story

With 1.2 million people suffering from hunger in Los Angeles, 10 year old Lily Tyler (an LA native herself) is on a mission to raise awareness with others in her community.

When Lily was just seven years old she began creating arts and crafts with her closest friend, then selling the items on neighboring sidewalks to raise money for local charities.

After learning more about Feeding America and the alarming number of families across the country who face hunger each day, Lily knew there was a larger impact she could make for those in need. Launching the non-profit organization, 100% of the proceeds are donated to families struggling with food insecurity.

Planning to volunteer her time with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank when she is a teenager, Lily has recently partnered with Feeding America in educating others by providing presentations at local schools in Los Angeles.

When asked recently how donating and volunteering makes her feel, Lily stated;

“My heart goes out for the people who aren’t as fortunate as others but knowing that I have the ability to make a difference in the community and the lives of others, makes me feel that there is hope”.

When not focused on school or growing her non-profit, Lily is an avid volleyball player and creative story writer.  She plans on becoming a Director and using her platform to bring about positive change in the world.

Lily Tyler