Hunger Blog

Daniel 300X300
Thursday, Sep 16 2021
There are many different ways we can measure hunger in America. We break down two ways we understand how the pandemic affected people's ability to keep food on the table.
Micah, Matt and Jalen at food pantry on their college campus
Tuesday, Aug 24 2021
Teen hunger affects millions of teens in the United States every day. But few people know it exists. Learn more about teen hunger and what food banks are doing to address it.
Chandler and Juliana
Friday, Aug 20 2021
For millions of college students, affording food and housing is harder than just living off of a budget. Read why millions of college students are struggling with hunger.
Laura Choate, director of a food pantry in Oklahoma City
Friday, Jun 11 2021
Imagine discovering a beautiful truth about yourself, only to lose everything, including your home. For Laura Choate, who came out when she was 11, that was a reality. Now, Laura is working with LGBTQ youth facing homelessness in her community.
Gregory Gross at the care for real pantry in Chicago
Wednesday, Jun 9 2021
For anyone, visiting a food pantry can take a lot of courage. And for the LGBTQ community, it can be even harder. One food pantry in Chicago is taking three important steps to ensure LGBTQ neighbors facing hunger feel safe, welcome and accepted for who they truly are.
Mother and son hugging outside in field while wearing masks
Thursday, May 20 2021
When the pandemic began, a local farm in Hawaii wasn't sure if they'd be able to stay open. But thanks to the Hawaii Foodbank, the farm not only stayed open, it was able to provide healthy produce for Hawaii families facing hunger.