At 82 years young, this food pantry volunteer isn't slowing down

Sohk Yoon smiling at the camera.
April 28, 2023
by Paul Morello

At the sprightly age of 82, Sohk Yoon, who volunteers at his community’s senior food pantry in Anaheim, California, calls himself the “muscle” of the operation.

“I’m still picking up those boxes, no problem,” he proudly exclaims, referring to the 10-pound boxes of food that are provided to residents monthly. 

“I exercise every day.”

Originally from Korea, Sohk came to the United States with his family on January 21, 1972 – he still remembers the exact date. When he arrived, as a chemical engineer, he was working in a lab during the day, another job at night and a gas station on the weekends to support his family. So, he knows the importance of hard work, and that it’s ok to need help now and again. 

Which is why he doesn’t mind getting the fresh produce and canned food from the program each month.

“It’s a great program,” he said. “Even a small amount like this is helpful.”

At 82, is he planning to slow down anytime soon?

“Nope. I volunteer a lot in the community and I’ll keep going until I can’t.”

Want to get involved like Sohk? No matter your age, there are always ways you can help fight hunger. Find your local food bank to see what volunteer opportunities are available.