A food bank staff member holding bread.
A child holding a cob of corn and an apple.
A woman holding a yellow crate filled with scallions while standing in a field.

Fighting food waste and hunger with food rescue

Every day, millions of people in the United States struggle to access food while millions of tons of perfectly good groceries go to waste. As the nation's largest food rescue organization, we're changing that!

We connect stores, restaurants, farms, and food banks to save nutritious food that would otherwise go to waste. Every rescued meal means more food for our neighbors experiencing food insecurity. Together, we can make sure everyone has access to healthy food and good food never goes to waste.

A food bank staff member holding bread.
A child holding a cob of corn and an apple.
A woman holding a yellow crate filled with scallions while standing in a field.

We’re rallying people committed to ending hunger

As the largest food rescue organization, we have set an aggressive goal of $50 million to rescue 1 billion more pounds of food annually—for a total of 5 billion pounds. Find out how you can support the Food Rescue Fund.

"Food Rescue Challenge".
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Food waste statistics in the US

In the United States, people waste 92 billion pounds of food annually, equal to 145 billion meals. They throw away over $473 billion worth of food annually. Shockingly, they waste 38% of all the food in America.


pounds of food go to waste each year.


of all food goes unsold or uneaten.


meals' worth of food goes to landfills.


of waste comes from the food industry.

What is food waste?

Food waste is perfectly good, safe-to-eat food that gets thrown away instead of eaten. It happens at home, in stores, restaurants, and farms. Food gets wasted because of things like:

  • Ugly or oddly shaped fruits and veggies
  • Upcoming sell-by or expiration dates (food is often still safe to eat)
  • Overproduction at farms
  • Food getting damaged during transport
A box of potatoes and bell peppers.

The environmental impact

Food waste is a major contributor to climate change. It's responsible for 8% of all global carbon emissions, making up most items in our landfills. Growing food requires lots of water, fuel, and fertilizer.

By preventing food waste and rescuing food at risk of being discarded, we can lessen our environmental impact and ensure that resources are used to nourish communities.

Two farmers tending to a flower garden.

How food rescue works

Food rescue is one of our most powerful weapons in the fight against food waste. We work side-by-side with food donors like grocery stores, farmers, and restaurants. Together, we find perfectly good food that’s nearing its sell-by date, has cosmetic imperfections, or just didn’t sell. 

Instead of ending up in landfills, this food gets a second chance.


Our team works closely with food donors to intercept food before it goes to landfills.


The Feeding America network of food banks and meal programs pick up the donated food.


Our members carefully inspect the food to make sure it’s fresh and ready to enjoy.


The rescued food reaches people experiencing food insecurity.

Benefits of food rescue

By supporting food rescue, you’re helping us create a future where no one experiences food insecurity and good food never goes to waste.

Less waste, more food

We keep good food out of landfills and give our neighbors nourishing meals.

Nourishes communities

We provide fresh fruits, veggies, and food to people visiting food pantries and meal programs.

Stronger food system

We create a more efficient way to get food from farms and stores to families.

Join the movement!

Help us end hunger and stop food waste. Here's how you can get involved:

A mom and her child carrying a frozen turkey.


Your support helps us rescue even more food.

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Sort, pack, or even glean food from farms.

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A mom and son cooking on the stove.

Reduce your food waste

Plan meals, store food properly, and get creative with leftovers.

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Involve your company

Partner with Feeding America to start a food rescue program.

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Explore more about food rescue

Check out food rescue stories and learn how you can help reduce food waste.

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