Feeding America Responds to Oklahoma Tornado and Prepares for Future Disaster Relief

May 21, 2013

Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger relief organization, and its member, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, based in Oklahoma City, are working together to provide truckloads of emergency food, water and supplies to the thousands of people impacted by the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma yesterday.

"Our hearts go out to the people of Oklahoma, who have experienced incomprehensible loss of human life and destruction. We want them to know we are doing everything we can to help. Feeding America's network prepares for just such disasters by pre-staging disaster-relief water, food items and grocery products throughout the nation It is our responsibility to be prepared ready to move food to affected areas as quickly as possible -- and to stay as long as needed," said Bob Aiken, President and CEO of Feeding America."We will be on the ground in Oklahoma for as long as our help is needed."

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma City is today hosting a massive packing event. Volunteers are sorting and boxing more than 300,000 pounds of canned goods and shelf-stable food that was just collected locally by the National Association of Letter Carriers annual"Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive" on May 11."It is an act of providence that this food was collected just days before this tornado struck," said Aiken.

Feeding America has a trained approximately 80 designated staff throughout their food bank network to serve on support teams in the event of such a large-scale disaster. In addition, Feeding America provides specialized disaster training throughout the country, ensuring a prepared network and seamless disaster response.

"Our food banks provide emergency food assistance to people in need every day of the year," Aiken said."We have the infrastructure and expertise to quickly and efficiently get food and supplies to communities affected by disaster."

In the past five years, the Feeding America network and its donors have mobilized more than 100 million pounds of emergency food and disaster-relief supplies to individuals and families affected by disasters.

Feeding America's disaster relief efforts are supported by a number of corporations and individual donors including Allstate and Abbott.

To help food banks provide food and groceries to communities affected by this spring storm season, visit www.feedingamerica.org to make a financial donation.


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