During the summer of 2019, we offered 7 internships throughout our different departments. Information regarding Summer 2020 internships will be posted around January.


Why intern at Feeding America?

Joanne Hus is an innovation intern at Feeding America

“I am the innovation intern here at Feeding America, working mainly on the ePantry project. I really enjoy applying my study in human-centered design here in the innovation team. It is exciting and humbling to serve and learn from neighbors as well as to work alongside Foodbanks through the ePantry project. Not only have I honed my skills in human-centered design, but I have also learned about important steps to drive innovation in a large organization like Feeding America.” – Joanne Hsu, Former Innovation Intern at Feeding America


Ryan Farley is a Human Resources Intern at Feeding America

“I was the Human Resources intern at Feeding America, and throughout my summer I was given a meaningful and diverse set of projects that allowed the department to push many different initiatives forward as well as expand my personal skills and career opportunities. Working at Feeding America allowed me to have an impact with my work and affect the people we serve, this is a truly exceptional opportunity and experience” – Ryan Farley, Former Human Resources Intern at Feeding America