Culture and the Workplace

Feeding America's Values

At Feeding America, our mission and values define us. The following values help to define who we are and guide the work we do.


People facing hunger are at the center of all we do.

  1. We strive for equity and work toward solutions to eliminate structural and systemic inequalities that contribute to food insecurity.
  2. We listen with empathy and respect for one another, valuing individual experiences and feelings while treating people with kindness and dignity.
  3. We collaborate and build community through partnerships founded on integrity and trust.
  4. We take care of resources placed in our hands through the generosity of others - food, funds, community and member trust, and employee careers and well being.
  5. We act with swift and focused purpose, allowing room for mistakes while seeking continuous growth and learning.

Employee Resource and Affinity Groups

We believe a positive office culture is essential to happy, productive employees. Feeding America employees create this culture through our many employee groups.


  • Culture Team: The culture team hosts events throughout the year and works hard to make our office a more inclusive and dynamic place.
  • Wellness Committee: Our wellness committee brings health and wellness initiatives into the office to help improve everyone's well-being and morale.
  • Double Duty Working Parents Group: This group allows parents to connect with one another and share stories and strategies about how to best manage their families and work responsibilities.
  • Culture of Philanthropy: We work to create an organization-wide understanding and the role that everyone at Feeding America plays in recognizing and stewarding our donor partners.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resource Group: Staff at Feeding America lead discussions around a rang od topics to bring recognition to the intersection Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion issues have with food insecurity.