Donate in Someone's Memory

Losing a loved one is difficult. However, you can honor their memory by asking for memorial donations instead of or in addition to flowers. Those who left us are never far from our hearts, and we can honor them by making a positive contribution.

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How to donate in someone's memory

There are two options for donating to Feeding America in honor of a loved one who passed:

  1. Make a memorial donation online: Dedicate a gift to Feeding America in the name of a loved one. A tribute card can be emailed or mailed in recognition of the contribution.
  2. Create a memorial fundraiser: Honor someone who has passed by starting a memorial fundraiser and encouraging gifts to Feeding America instead of flowers.

How we notify your honoree's family

  • If you select an electronic tribute card, we will email the card to the email address you provide on the date you choose. Our email may fall into a SPAM or Junk folder, so please ask the recipient to check this folder for their card.
  • If you select a mailed tribute card, we will send the card to the provided mailing address. However, the card may take 4-6 weeks to arrive due to postal delays.
  • If you create a memorial fundraiser, you will receive a notification for every gift. In addition, you can share the fundraiser's progress through a personalized link.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it appropriate to donate in someone's memory?

It is always appropriate to donate in someone's memory. For example, families may ask for memorial donations to Feeding America in lieu of flowers. Or you can inform the family that you chose to donate. Your loved one does not need to have been connected to Feeding America for a gift in their honor to make a lasting impact.

How much should I donate in someone's memory?

You can donate any amount that fits your budget. Often, people give what they would have spent on a flower arrangement. Many give between $25 and $100 in honor of a loved one. However, we are happy to receive a memorial donation in any amount. For every $1 donated, you can help to provide at least 10 meals.

Is there a sample memorial donation letter?

Our electric tribute cards include a sample message to customize. These messages are a great starting point. Here is an example:

I've made a special gift in honor of our beloved Grandpa to Feeding America. You should hear from them soon by email. Together, we're making a difference for families who don't have enough to eat across the country. So take care and know that we are keeping Grandpa in our hearts.

I have another question or need help.

Please check our donor FAQs or contact our Donor Services team. You can also call us toll-free at 1.800.771.2303.