Charity Stream for Feeding America

Use your battle royale skills, cooking tutorials, or speed running abilities to help get meals to families and engage your chat. We have the tools to help you tell the story of hunger in America and inspire your viewers to take action while playing your favorite video game for charity.


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How to Start Your Charity Stream with Tiltify

  1. Create an account on Tiltify. Tiltify allows you to easily collect donations on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.
  2. Set your charity stream fundraising goals. Be bold! Every $1 you raise helps families in need.
  3. Add a donation panel to your Twitch channel. Donation panels link directly to your Tiltify campaign.
  4. Make it your own. Add fun rewards and milestones you know your chat will love.


Everything You Need to Make Your Charity Stream Unbeetable

Let's Taco Bout Hunger

Share these important details with your Twitch viewers and YouTube subscribers to help engage them in the fight to end hunger while streaming and gaming for charity.

Young girl with lunch


Make Your Charity Stream Extra Engaging

Add a Donation Panel to your Twitch channel with a link to your Tiltify campaign so chat and lurkers have an easy way to donate.

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Level Up With the Tiltify Extension for Twitch

Embed a donation portal directly on your channel so viewers don't have to leave your charity stream to have an impact.


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