Millions of Farm Fresh Eggs Donated to Food Banks by Local Egg Farmers Nationwide

April 15, 2011

As the economy makes a sluggish recovery, American families continue to find themselves struggling with food insecurity. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 50 million Americans, or one in six, live in food insecure households, including 17 million children. In response to the need, America's egg farmers are donating more than 11 million eggs this Easter season to food banks across the nation as part of its fourth year working with Feeding America to supply fresh eggs to the communities they serve.

Feeding America provides nutritious food for 5.7 million Americans every week and fresh eggs are an especially prized item due to their high protein content and nutrition. The latest data from USDA shows this donation is delivering even more nutrition than originally thought. After a recent review of the nutrient composition of standard large eggs, USDA concluded that the average amount of cholesterol has decreased by 14 percent and vitamin D content has increased by 64 percent.

"Now in our fourth year of donating eggs at Easter , United Egg Producers and its members are proud to lend a helping hand to those in need throughout the communities we raise food for," said Gene Gregory, president of United Egg Producers."America's egg farming community is made up of families just like any other and we are proud to be able to help out our communities by continuing to raise such a nutritious and affordable food."

2011 marks the fourth year in a row United Egg Producers and Feeding America have teamed up to help ensure America's food banks are well stocked with nutrient-dense eggs each Spring. Since 2008, America's egg farmers have donated more than 50 million eggs to local food banks across the country.

"The need for a high-protein food for families facing food insecurity is greater now than ever," said Vicki Escarra, president and CEO of Feeding America."Receiving the gift of eggs is a tremendous help at this time of year and we are happy that United Egg Producers are stepping up again to make a difference."

According to the USDA, while cholesterol has decreased, the amount of protein in one large egg remains the same at a whopping 6 grams, and the protein in eggs is one of the highest quality proteins found in any food and every egg still has 13 essential nutrients including choline, folate, iron and zinc.


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