Feeding America Welcomes Dr. Hilary Seligman, MD, MAS as Lead Scientist and Senior Medical Advisor

August 17, 2015

Feeding America is pleased to announce that Hilary Seligman, MD, MAS will be serving as lead scientist and senior medical advisor.

In her new role, Dr. Seligman will be leading the development and design of Feeding America’s research agenda related to food insecurity, poverty, nutrition, health and other related social policies. She also will prioritize research endeavors that help build interventions to support people struggling with hunger and facilitate Feeding America’s efforts to position hunger as a public health issue.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Seligman guiding Feeding America’s future vision for research and nutrition,” said Maura Daly, chief external affairs officer at Feeding America. “She is already a known expert in the field of food insecurity and health, and we are eager to leverage her expertise to further our mission to solve hunger.”

Dr. Seligman has a wealth of experience as a food insecurity researcher. She serves as an Associate Professor in Residence at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and is a faculty member at the Center for Vulnerable Populations at San Francisco General Hospital. Her work at UCSF has focused on the intersections between food insecurity and health, particularly the prevention and management of chronic disease. Her research has appeared in several prominent journals and she regularly speaks on the implications of food insecurity to local, regional and national audiences.

For the past few years, Dr. Seligman and her team at UCSF have provided critical, expert support to Feeding America research initiatives. Since 2011, Dr. Seligman has been the principle investigator for Feeding America’s Together on Diabetes initiative in partnership with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation.  

“As someone who has dedicated her career to exploring hunger and health, I am very excited to continue my work with Feeding America,” said Dr. Seligman. “Feeding America is strongly positioned to lead the conversation regarding the health implications of food insecurity and how we as a nation should be responding. I want to help drive that conversation.”

Dr. Seligman will be based out of San Francisco, California, where she serves on the board of directors for California Food Policy Advocates and Feeding America-member the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. 


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