Dairy Farmers Celebrate Feeding Our Nation During June Dairy Month

June 3, 2013

Dairy farmers take pride in their role in producing wholesome, nutritious dairy foods and in helping to feed the nation. During June Dairy Month, Midwest Dairy Association, which works on behalf of more than 9,500 dairy farm families across 10 Midwest states, has partnered with Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, to help fight hunger. Starting on June 3, Midwest Dairy will donate $1 for every view to its Feedin' A Nation parody video up to $20,000. For each $1 raised, eight meals are secured by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks.

According to the USDA, more than one in five children in this country may not know where they will find their next meal. Food insecurity and child obesity often go hand-in-hand. For many children, food insecurity and obesity stem from disrupted meal patterns, family stress and lack of access especially during summer months without school meals.

Midwest Dairy created the Feedin' A Nation video to elevate the awareness of Midwest dairy farmers' commitment to and passion for helping to feed the nation. The video includes more than 65 dairy farmers and was filmed at dairy farm family homes in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota in early March. Set to the tune of the original song"Good Vibrations," as recorded by the Beach Boys, the"Good, Good Food, Feedin' a Nation" song and video hope to capture and resonate with people the role everyone can play in feeding others by supporting local food banks.

"Food is a universal cause, and providing our growing population with nutritious, affordable food is one of our greatest challenges," says Jerry Messer, a North Dakota dairy farmer and Chairmen of the Midwest Dairy Association Board."As dairy farmers, we recognize we have a shared responsibility in the health of future generations and are committed to being part of the solution."

"We were delighted when the Midwest Dairy Association approached Feeding America with the idea of this particular cause marketing campaign. Within the ten-state region covered by the Midwest Dairy Association, 35 Feeding America member food banks meet the needs of millions of hungry Americans," says Kelli Walker, Manager of Corporate Partnerships for Feeding America."We have a strong national partnership with dairy farmers through the National Dairy Council, and we appreciate the long-standing tradition of dairy farmers' commitment to feeding local communities. Low-fat dairy products are also highly valued commodities within our network of food banks."

On a national level, National Dairy Council, Feeding America and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics formed a partnership in 2012 to help alleviate hunger through an increased focus on nutrition. During the Washington Post Live Future of Food event last month, the three partners reaffirmed that commitment by announcing a $100,000 grant program to support nutrition education and increase access to dairy and other nutrient-rich foods.

Dairy foods are an economical source of nutrition. Together, milk cheese and yogurt deliver nine essential nutrients in a variety of tasty, affordable and convenient options. Dairy is among the top five food items in demand among food bank patrons, yet it only makes up 5.3 percent of total pounds distributed in the Feeding America food bank network. Small efforts, like donating and volunteering with your local food bank, or even watching this video, can have a big impact in improving nutrition security.

To learn more, including how you can help, visit DairyMakesSense.com or FeedingAmerica.org. To view the video, visit Midwest Dairy's YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/MidwestDairy. To learn more about the national partnership, visit DairyGood.org.


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