Feeding America Statement on Congress and the Administration’s Failure to Reach a Deal on Additional COVID-19 Relief

Statement Attributed to Kate Leone, Chief Government Relations Officer

October 7, 2020

“All across the nation, in communities large and small, millions of families are asking themselves questions that no one in the richest country on earth should have to ask—how will we put food on the table if we lose our jobs, or do I pay to keep the lights on or buy groceries instead?

“The Feeding America network of 200 food banks and 60,000 partner food pantries and meal programs is working around the clock to help ease families’ anxieties about their next meal — but helping families facing hunger is a job that requires both the charitable sector and a deep investment in the nation’s nutrition assistance programs. With millions of children, parents, and individuals going day to day without enough to eat, an additional COVID-19 relief bill is necessary to provide much-needed food support and economic relief. Feeding America food banks will continue to provide emergency assistance to people in need, but we can’t do it alone. Despite the setback of abandoned negotiations, we will continue to educate policymakers about the dramatic increase in demand for food assistance seen at food banks all over the country.

“Our best tool for helping our neighbors in need right now is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — the country’s largest anti-hunger program. With food prices increasing at the fastest rate in 50 years and predictions that 1 in 4 children could face hunger this year, a 15 percent increase to the maximum SNAP benefit is the most effective way to meet the moment. Boosting SNAP benefits will provide families more resources to purchase the food they need through purchases at local grocers and businesses, which will stimulate economies across the country.

“With the nation’s public health and economic crises continuing without an end in sight, our economy and families are being pushed to the very brink. We need our government to invest in the hunger-relief measures today because families struggling with hunger need it now.”


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