National Produce Program

Feeding America established the National Produce Program to increase the network's capacity to handle fresh foods. This program, previously known as the Fresh Foods Initiative, has grown substantially over the past few years and has become the number one category of food that we distribute.   

This program offers a comprehensive array of services built around securing and distributing fresh produce throughout the Feeding America network of  200 food banks.  If you have a need for fresh produce, please locate a food bank member closest to you. 

How the Program Works

  • Partnerships with growers and industry experts help Feeding America identify and secure bulk nutritious sources of fresh fruits and vegetables, including but not limited to, potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, sweet potatoes, apples, and oranges.
  • Value Added Processing enables food banks to accept and distribute these bulk produce items in manageable packaging commonly found in supermarkets. It also allows us to capture fresh produce at an earlier stage in the supply chain that translates into increased freshness.   
  • Offers of fresh produce are presented on a consistent basis to our network which assists the many agencies our network serves.
  • Donations are presented to our national office from many sources across the U.S.  These donation loads are shipped to members using a transportation subsidy provided by many corporate partners, making fresh produce more affordable for our members. 
  • More nutritious foods are being distributed to people through our network than ever before due to the scale and efficiencies of our National Produce Program.

To become a national produce donor today, visit

Fast Facts

  • The Feeding America National Produce Program delivers an average of over 2 million pounds of fresh produce each week
  • The Feeding America network of food banks distributes on average over 8 million pounds of fresh produce weekly.
  • For more information about the National Produce Program, contact a member of our produce team.