Donate to Feeding America's COVID Response

When the pandemic started, we pulled together to care for our neighbors. And it's not over.

With COVID cases on the rise across the country, we're gearing up for another emergency response. But, with your help, we can continue to feed every community, no matter what happens next.


We came together to feed our neighbors.

people visited a local food charity
$181 millionin grants to local food banks
mealsdistributed to our neighbors


Volunteer wearing face mask and moving boxes at food bank

This crisis is far from over, as the need for food continues

There are still tens of millions of people in America facing hunger.

Many people continue to face unemployment. And increased costs of food, housing, and utilities lead more families to turn to food banks.

But rising food prices, supply chain disruptions, and shortages make it more difficult for food banks to provide meals to everyone who needs them.  

The Feeding America network will continue to support our neighbors devastated by the pandemic. Your generosity helps ensure everyone has the food they need for the days ahead.