Donate Food

Help keep our shelves stocked!

Donating food is one way to support local food banks and programs while reducing food waste. Many food banks in the Feeding America network rely on food donations from people, businesses, and farmers.

With the increasing demand for food assistance and rising prices, we need your help more than ever.

How to donate food

When you donate food, you help the Feeding America network feed our neighbors facing hunger across the United States. Here are a few ways that individuals and companies can donate food.

Ms. Edwards holding a turkey

Individual food donations

If you and your family want to donate food, there are many options in your local community. Find your local Feeding America member and ask how you can support them with a food donation.


Food industry donations

We work with companies of all sizes looking to donate food or grocery products. Your food donations help us provide more food to member food banks and meal programs.

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Food drives

Groups can make a big difference by hosting a food drive. Whether you choose to collect food or funds, you're helping your community and raising awareness about hunger.

Frequently asked questions

Food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens accept food donations. But they have their own rules for how they accept donations and what they accept. Here are some of the ways you can donate food:

  • Every food bank has different needs. It's best to ask your local food bank what they need. Most food banks accept canned or dried food that hasn't reached its sell-by date. Check out our food donation guide for more.

  • Food safety is a top priority for Feeding America members. Food donations should have their original labels and damage-free packaging and be within their expiration date. You can learn about other foods to avoid in our food donation guide.

  • Donating money is the most effective way to help food banks provide food to our neighbors. Our network combines your donations with larger food industry donations to make the most significant impact possible. Monetary contributions also cover program costs like staff salaries, gas for delivery trucks, and repairs if refrigerators and freezers break.

  • Feeding America accepts donations from growers, grocers, and food industry partners. We do not accept food donations from individuals. If you are a company that would like to donate, please contact our Partnership Team.