The Feeding America network is here to help.

If you are in a situation where you need free food or free groceries for yourself or your family, we’re here for you. The Feeding America network of food banks is in every county in the country. Find the one nearest you, and know that you are not alone ›

Our Food Assistance Programs

Hunger has no boundaries. It affects millions of children, seniors, and households in communities across the country. That’s why Feeding America has programs to reach children, seniors, and families no matter where they live or spend time. At senior centers or schools, in the city or countryside, Feeding America programs get food to people where they are and when they need it most.


Mobile Pantry Program

Fast and flexible, the Mobile Pantry Program serves many of the highest-need households — including families in significantly underserved or hard-to-reach areas — by directly distributing food in pre-packed boxes or at farmers’ market-style settings. Focusing on highly demanded items like meat and produce gives access to the food people need most.

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Disaster Food Assistance

When disaster strikes, our network of food banks kicks into high gear, providing emergency food and disaster-relief supplies to families and households virtually anywhere in America. Over a recent five-year period, our donors made it possible for Feeding America to distribute over 100 million pounds of emergency food and supplies to communities and households in the days and weeks following a disaster.

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Summer Meal Programs

Twenty-two million children receive free or reduced-cost lunches during the school year, but during the summer months, only 3.76 million continue to have access to those subsidized meals. That’s where the Summer Feeding Program steps in. In 2018, the Feeding America network served 10 million meals to nearly 269,500 children in partnership with the USDA and the Summer Food Service Program. Summer should be about fun, not worrying about the next meal.

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BackPack Program

For the 21 million kids who qualify for free or reduced-price meals, school breakfast or lunch may be the only meals they can count on. So what happens when the school week ends? For more than 15 years, the Feeding America BackPack program has worked to make sure that children have access to nutritious — and easy-to-make — meals for the weekend. Today, we’re partnering with over 160 local food banks to distribute weekend meals to more than 450,000 students each week.

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School Pantry Program

Serving more than 21 million meals to nearly 110,000 children across America each year, the School Pantry program alleviates child hunger by providing food to low-income children and families right at school. Having convenient, consistent access to healthy foods helps ensure that children never have to worry about their next meal, which in turn makes for happier, healthier kids.

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Kids Cafe

Across the country, Kids Cafe programs provide free snacks and meals to kids at community locations during afterschool hours. In 2020, Kids Cafes provided over 28 million meals at almost 530,000 locations.


Senior Grocery Program®

Seniors face a number of unique medical and mobility challenges that put them at a greater risk of hunger. Many are forced to make the tough choice between buying food and medicine, and others struggle to prepare foods as they once did.

The Senior Grocery program meets the specific needs of seniors by providing balanced, nutritious meals they can easily make at home.

SNAP Application Assistance

SNAP helps millions of families and children afford groceries. Unfortunately, many people who qualify for SNAP don't know they're eligible. If you or someone you know needs extra help buying groceries, you may qualify for SNAP. The Feeding America network can help you learn about your options and complete your application if you qualify.

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