Senior Food Programs

Free senior food programs are available across the country. Learn what food programs exist and where to find them in your community.

Types of senior food programs

There are many different types of senior food programs. Here are some of the most common:

  • The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is a federal program. It provides monthly food boxes to people 60 years and older. Learn if you are eligible and how to apply for CSFP.
  • Senior food box programs are monthly food boxers from local food banks. They include juice, cereal, canned foods, and refrigerated cheese. Some food banks also offer recipes and cooking or nutrition classes.
  • Senior food pantries let you shop for free groceries. Also, many food banks and food pantries have special hours for seniors.
  • Home food delivery is available from food banks, food pantries, or your local Meals on Wheels program. You may need to meet specific income or lifestyle requirements to qualify.
  • Senior farmer's markets help you buy fruits and vegetables from local farmer's markets. These programs may host a farmer's market or give out vouchers.
  • Senior mobile pantries bring food to senior centers or other locations in your community.
  • SNAP provides extra money each month to buy groceries at your favorite stores. We're happy to help you with your SNAP application.

How to find food programs for seniors near you

Search by zip code to find your nearest food bank. Food banks help to run senior programs across the country. So even if the food bank looks far from your home, they know a program closer to your home.