Kids Cafe

Kids Cafes are after-school programs that give free meals to kids after school, on the weekends, and during the summer. They also have fun activities and tutoring. Community organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, libraries, and schools host these programs.

How do I find a Kids Cafe near me?

The Feeding America network operates nearly 5,000 kids' meal programs. You can find a Kids Cafe and other programs for kids by contacting your nearest member food bank. Even if a food bank looks far away, they work with schools and youth programs closer to your home.

How do I qualify for a Kids Cafe?

Kids Cafes are open to all children without charge. However, some programs are limited to families in a specific school district or community. You can check with your local food bank about any requirements.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help Kids Cafes across the country.