Three exciting reasons we partner with Red Nose Day

Jamese at community food program with pear
May 21, 2019
by Allison Weber

For five years, Red Nose Day has helped Feeding America move closer to realizing our vision of a hunger-free America. These are just three of the reasons that we are excited to support Red Nose Day again this year:

1.  Red Nose Day fills kids facing hunger with nutritious food and energy to succeed.

Eight-year-old Emma loves to dance and play soccer—but she needs healthy food as fuel. Her mom works in the evening to provide for their family, and she doesn’t always have time to cook a full meal beforehand.

Two girls at a community meal program

Emma knows what it’s like to be hungry: “If you don’t eat, your stomach hurts, and you don’t have enough food or energy.”

Thankfully, she gets the meals she needs from a Kids Cafe program that receives food from the Feeding America network. “If I didn’t come to the Kids Cafe after school, I would probably be hungry at home,” she says. Red Nose Day enables Feeding America to reach kids like Emma, providing healthy food that helps them stay active. 

2.  Red Nose Day helps hard-working households weather life’s storms.

Red Nose Day knows that children facing hunger need nutritious food to thrive, yet just one hardship can have a big impact, forcing a family to choose between food and other necessities.

Our partnership has made it possible for Feeding America to help nourish over 300,000 people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Learn more about Red Nose Day’s extraordinary impact following the deadly storm:

3.    Red Nose Day makes the healthy choice the easy choice for kids and families struggling to make ends meet.

Elly is a mother of two children who receives meals from a Kids Cafe program supported by Feeding America and Red Nose Day. She understands the impossible choices facing parents that struggle to put food on the table. “If you can’t have healthy food at home, you’re either going to have junk food or no food,” she says. "The [Kids Cafe] program makes it easier for parents that can't afford items like apples or carrots." 

Person at meal program

What’s more, Elly has noticed positive changes in her kids’ eating habits since they joined the program: “They no longer look to eat junk food,” she says.

Red Nose Day has raised nearly $150 million and positively impacted the lives of more than 16 million kids over the past four years. Want to learn more? Read about Red Nose Day’s dedication to Feeding America and how they’ve helped us make a difference. And don't forget to tune into the special night of programming celebrating Red Nose Day on May 23 on NBC at 8/7c.