Getting Throughthe Summer

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Getting Throughthe Summer

Download our Summer Action Plan

The Feeding America Summer Action Plan sheds light on the invisible struggle of children in America who face hunger every summer. This family-friendly toolkit will help you take action to help kids get through summer.

A mosaic of childrent in a shape of a person's profile

22 Million Childrenface Summer Hunger

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Some kids spend their summers playing games at the park, traveling with family, or developing a new hobby.

But for 22 million children in this country - the wealthiest country in the world - summer causes stress about where their next meal will come from.

Kids who go hungry during summer start school behind

Hunger can lead to serious Health concerns like:

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Developmental Delays

Issues with language, motor skills, and behavior

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Chronic Illness

Higher risk for anemia, asthma and diabetes

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Mental Health

Experience the onset of anxiety and depression

Closed Schools = Summer Hunger

22 million kids across the country rely on school meals. When schools close for summer often those meal programs shut down too.

For 22 million children, summer is the hungriest time of year. We can’t let kids go up to 90 days without reliable food. Every dollar donated to Feeding America can supply up to 10 meals to help kids get through summer.

Quote and photo of a young girl names Zoey: 'We eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sometimes'
Summer Infographic: Summer break from school can last up to 90 days. That's 90 days without access to school meal programs.

HELP ENDSummer Hunger

You can be an advocate in the fight to end summer hunger. Tell Congress to get to work and fully fund child nutrition programs.

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