Summer Break is Broken


When school's done–so is the food.

Summer break is a carefree time to enjoy fun in the sun, right? Not so for many kids who wonder where their next meal will come from. Millions of children receive free or reduced-price lunches and breakfasts during the school year that simply disappear when summer hits. That’s where we step in to help through Summer Food Service Programs.

Let's fix summer hunger.

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Real Story of Hunger: Meet Zoey

Like all kids, Zoey deserves a life where she doesn’t have to worry if she will have enough to eat.

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Ways to Help


See how serious child hunger is—from health conditions to problems in school and social situations.


Get your kids involved. We have some creative ways to help you and your family fight hunger.


We can help you make a big impact by starting a fundraiser with your family, coworkers or organization.