Poverty & Unemployment

Households with incomes below the poverty line encounter unparalleled challenges. They must make difficult decisions and consider the tradeoffs when budgeting for household expenses, including but not limited to food. Food insecurity is often experienced by these households, but they are bound to experience hardships in multiple areas of their lives.

The reports below are an archive of Feeding America's research on the relationship between poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity. 


Report Archive
From Paycheck to Pantry


From Paycheck to Pantry: Hunger in Working America

Released in 2014, this study outlines the common employment-related challenges in meeting basic needs for households living below the poverty line. 






In Short Supply


In Short Supply: American Families Struggle to Secure Everyday Essentials


Published in 2013, this research found that one in three low-income American families struggle to afford basic non-food household items such as personal care products. These decisions require families to choose between essential household expenses.




Hunger's New Staple


Food Banks: Hunger's New Staple


Released in 2012, this research found that most families who visit pantries seek food assistance as part of a long-term strategy to supplement their monthly food budget shortfalls.