Feeding America conducts Map the Meal Gap annually to improve our understanding of how food insecurity and food costs vary at the local level. The study estimates overall and child food insecurity for every county and congressional district in the United States as well as local food insecurity estimates for several racial and ethnic groups. 

In addition to data from the Map the Meal Gap study, the data from The State of Senior Hunger for seniors and older adults is included in the Map the Meal Gap dataset. These datasets have been combined to make it easier to access information about various geographies in one place.

Map the Meal Gap aims to initiate data-driven conversations and insights about the reality of food insecurity in the United States and lay the foundation for evidence-based initiatives, strategies and actions to address it. It is our hope that food banks, partner agencies, policy makers, business leaders, community activists and concerned citizens will use this information to fully engage in the fight against hunger. 


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