Nine Kid-Friendly Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

July 23, 2018
by Jessica Schoen


All year long kids look forward to summer vacation. But now that July 4th festivities are behind us, days are long and temperatures are soaring– you might be fresh out of summer activities to keep your kids busy. We’ve pulled together some ideas to help your kids beat summer boredom. Not only are they fun for the whole family, but you’ll be helping your neighbors in need while teaching your kids to give back.

  1. Fruit picking. Spend a sunny day picking strawberries, or your favorite seasonal fruit, and donate your harvest to your local food bank or pantry.
  2. Pool party fundraiser. Turn your next summer pool party into a fundraiser! Check out four-year-old Harrison’s superhero birthday celebration fundraiser for inspiration.
  3. Bake-off. Have your kids challenge their friends to a bake-off and compete to see who can sell their treats the fastest. Donate the proceeds to help provide meals to hungry families.
  4. Lemonade stand. A summer classic. Nobody can pass up a tasty cup of lemonade on a hot day, especially if the money is being given to help others.
  5. Create a kids community garden. This is a great way for kids to learn a new skill and reinforce responsibility while also giving back when they donate a portion of the harvest. Here is a short list of what to grow and give back.
  6. Beat the heat. Throw on one of these movies that help teach empathy and compassion.
  7. Coordinate story time at the public library. Maddi’s Fridge, by Lois Brandt is a great book to help kids understand that not all of their friends might have a fridge full of food.
  8. Combat food waste in a delicious way. Create a meal based only on what is currently in your fridge. Need some suggestions? Here are some easy recipes to get you started.
  9. Get other organizations involved. Whether it’s your child’s baseball team or girl scout troop, there are endless ways they can give back. From volunteering at their local food bank to creating their own fundraiser or tackling some activities from our Family Action Plan – everyone can be involved.

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