Entrepreneur and co-owner of Yummy Spoonfuls

“Being a mom is hard enough; you’re always trying to do the right thing for your kids and it’s hard when you can’t. Being able to provide a meal to kids who might not know where their next one is coming from goes without saying — it’s basic necessities.”

Camila Alves is a dedicated mother, fashion and lifestyle expert, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Brazil to a family of farmers, she grew up with a strong connection to the taste and aroma of food made using only fresh-picked ingredients. Camila moved to the U.S. in her teens to pursue a career in fashion, later establishing herself as a well-known lifestyle expert, sharing her personal insights and tips on the Today show, Rachael Ray, The Chew and The Talk. In 2016, she launched the lifestyle website Women of Today focusing on food, family, fashion, health, beauty and crafts. With three kids of her own and countless nights surrounded by bowls of purees and a messy kitchen, Camila thought there must be a simpler way to provide fresh, unprocessed, and homemade food for babies and kids. Camila’s vision to change the way kids eat is realized through Yummy Spoonfuls® — providing delicious, nutritious food using simple manufacturing methods.