Current Promotions

These partners to Feeding America help support our mission through promotions where money raised goes back to food banks and the people we help.

Target Circle Campaign

Feeding America will be featured as a national partner in all Target markets October 1- December 31. Although the campaign will feature Feeding America branding, 100% of the funds raised through the program will benefit the local food bank.


Tums and Nexium invite you to join their 2 Million Meals Mission.

AT&T | Fiber 2022

AT&T and Feeding America join forces again to fight hunger. From March 1 – March 31, 2023, new eligible AT&T Fiber customers ordering online can choose to donate all or a portion of their reward to Feeding America, to be invested in Food Banks across the country!

American Eagle | Holiday Campaign

Helping out is relevant year-round, but especially so during the holiday season, when we gather together to celebrate our loved ones and communities. To honor the importance of sharing kindness, we’re proud to partner this season with Feeding America® in order to help in the fight to end hunger

Quaker Hunger Clock

Ahead of World Food Day on October 16, Quaker is unveiling the Quaker Hunger Clock in Phoenix to help tackle hunger and spread awareness about food insecurity in the U.S.