Thanksgiving Food Drive

Everyone deserves to enjoy a Thanksgiving with family and friends. Last year, At least 49 million people visited a food bank or food pantry. Hosting a virtual Thanksgiving food drive can help your neighbors facing hunger this year.

Setting up a virtual Thanksgiving food drive for Feeding America is easy! Get started today.

Join our Thanksgiving Drive

We are here to help make your virtual Thanksgiving food drive a success.

What is a virtual food drive?

A virtual Thanksgiving food drive is a great way to help provide meals for our neighbors. Instead of collecting canned goods, your virtual food drive collects funds.

When you fundraise for Feeding America, your funds help a nationwide network of local food banks. Every $1 raised can help provide at least 10 meals to our neighbors facing hunger.

What happens when I sign up?

We are here to help make your virtual Thanksgiving food drive a success. When you sign up, you'll receive:

  • A custom fundraising page to personalize with your goal, photo, and reason for fundraising
  • A toolkit with tips for spreading the word about your virtual food drive including sample social media messages
  • An automatically updated list of people who donate
  • Support from the Feeding America team

What about canned food drives?

Thanksgiving is a busy time for most food banks and food pantries. While food donations seem generous, they may create more challenges for food banks.

If you prefer to do a traditional food drive, contact your local food bank and ask if there are food donation guidelines.

Check out our guide on hosting food drives during the holidays.