Drive Thru Pantries

Drive-thru food pantries allow you to pick up free food without leaving your car. You can pick up shelf-stable food, meat, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more.

They happen at set dates and times so check with your local food bank for hours and locations. You don't need an appointment to visit a drive-thru pantry but they are usually first-come, first-served.

Who can visit a drive-thru pantry?

Anyone who needs help with food and groceries can visit. Depending on the pantry you visit, you may need to provide your zip code and the number of people in your family so the food pantry can keep track of how many people they helped. If you share a ride with someone, you may need to show your ID to receive food for each family.

Where do I find a drive-thru pantry near me?

Your local food bank or food pantry may host a drive-thru pantry. Find your nearest partner food bank by entering your zip code above. Even if the food bank looks far from your house, they often have food distributions in nearby areas. 


What happens at a drive-thru distribution?

  1. Drive up to the food pickup area. Food bank staff and volunteers will guide you through the line to help everyone get through as quickly and safely as possible.
  2. Check-in. For safety, you will usually check in through your car window. This is when you may be asked about your family members, income, and special diets.
  3. Food is put in your trunk. Pre-packed boxes or bags of food are loaded into your trunk. Make sure you have plenty of room. Staff or volunteers will load the food while you stay inside your car. Once you have your food, you can drive off.