Free Thanksgiving Dinners and Turkeys

Food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, and faith groups offer free Thanksgiving meals. Support is available for anyone who needs help putting food on the table during the holidays. So this year, let us help take away the stress of providing a holiday meal.

How do I find a free Thanksgiving meal?

Free Thanksgiving meals or food boxes are available near you. Enter your zip code below to find your nearest food bank.

Even if a food bank seems far away, they work with food pantries, soup kitchens, and faith-based organizations closer to your home. Some will even travel to your community.

Many food banks have a schedule of Thanksgiving food distributions on their website. You can also call to ask about the food they offer, their hours, and if they have requirements. You may also need to need to sign up for a Thanksgiving basket or meal before November.


What free food is available this Thanksgiving?

There are a few different ways food banks and food pantries give out free food for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, not all of these options may be available in your community so ask your local food bank what they offer.


  • Free turkeys: A free turkey can come in a Thanksgiving food box, or you may get a gift card to use to buy a turkey from a grocery store. When turkeys are not available, you may get another protein like ham or chicken may.
  • Thanksgiving dinner: Your local food pantry or soup kitchen may serve a free Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. They may serve this meal may on Thanksgiving, the day before Thanksgiving, or the day after. Due to the pandemic, meals may be to-go rather than dine-in.
  • Thanksgiving food boxes: Many food banks provide free baskets or boxes with food to make your own Thanksgiving meal. These boxes can include protein like turkey and sides like cranberries, gravy, and vegetables. You may need to pick up your box at a drive-thru pantry or schedule a contactless pickup.
  • Home delivery: If you cannot visit a food distribution in person, home delivery may be available. Many food banks and food pantries deliver pre-prepared Thanksgiving meals or food boxes. Some home deliveries are limited to seniors and people with disabilities. Ask your food bank or food pantry if you qualify for home delivery.

How do I find free food and groceries after Thanksgiving?

Our network of 200 food banks and 60,000 meal food programs help people find free food. So whether you need to pick up free food every week or want help applying for federal assistance programs, we're ready to support you.

How can I help this Thanksgiving?

There are many ways you and your family can give back this Thanksgiving: