Dara and Karl Farmer's Story

Photo of Farmer.
Dara and Karl's Story


Karl Farmer and his wife Dara have been hunger-relief advocates through their gifts to Feeding America for over two decades. Karl and Dara believe in the power of fighting hunger nationally and locally and share their time by volunteering at their local food bank in Houston. 

Karl says: “When deciding where to give, I knew that I wanted to focus on organizations that were using contributions efficiently. I wanted to make sure our money was going directly to helping the people it was meant for. Not only does Feeding America have a high Charity Navigator rating, but more importantly to me, they have the drive and ability to get the food to where it should be - to those who need it most.

Feeding America is able to identify who needs help on a national level. Whether the need stems from weather, poverty, the economy or other factors, Feeding America can get assistance directly to those communities through their network of food banks and partner agencies.

I also like contributing locally, because I like to feel that I’m making an impact in my own community. Whether that's going out and volunteering, or knowing that contributions I made may go to the food bank in our neighborhood, I like that I can see the impact my contribution has on everyday lives. Feeding America is something both Dara and I believe in, and have seen the difference a meal can make for someone in need. We know how important it is.”