Six Ways Your Wedding Can Give Back

wedding sign
May 25, 2018
by Ash Slupski


As summer approaches, so does wedding season. It might feel like the parties, showers and other activities are endless – and so is the money being spent. Well, turns out there is an alternative route you can take. Your wedding can be a wonderful, and surprisingly easy, way to do good for a cause you care about.

Consider one (or more) of these ways to make a difference through your wedding.



1. Rent a nonprofit’s space for the wedding or shower

Finding the perfect wedding or shower venue can be difficult. But a nonprofit’s space can be a hidden gem. Many food banks have beautiful spaces and the money you are spending on the location directly benefits the food bank’s programs and services. Some food banks even provide catering services through their social enterprise or culinary training programs.

Check out the venues available at San Antonio Food Bank, Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida


2. Use your registry to encourage your guests to give

Make it easy for guests to give to a cause while also getting that blender or bedding. Choose a registry that will donate a percentage of gifts. The Knot donates a percentage of the purchase price for every gift bought off your registry to a charity partner of your choice, including Feeding America. 


3. Say “No gifts please”
If you choose to forgo gifts entirely, request your well-wishers donate to your favorite cause. You can easily set up a Team Feed fundraiser or a Facebook fundraiser for your shower or special day. Share the link with your loved ones and remind them that $1 helps provide at least 10 meals through the Feeding America network of food banks. 


4. Involve the wedding party

Doing the same activities for every bachelor/bachelorette party can get boring. Spend part of the day giving back instead. Together, you can volunteer at a food bank or food pantry. You might work in a community garden, serve food to kids at a summer meal program or participate in a charity race. 

Find your local food bank and explore volunteer opportunities you and your wedding party won’t forget.


5. Donate to charity instead of giving wedding favors

Give the money you’d spend on trinkets to a cause important to you and your partner. Let your guests know about your gift through a sign at your reception or cards on their place settings. Your guests won’t miss the trinkets when they know you’re helping an amazing organization instead.


6. Donate the leftovers

Talk to your caterers about using MealConnect to have food that wasn't put out for guests delivered to a local food bank or food pantry. Caterers simply post the donation to MealConnect and local food banks take care of the rest. Be aware: Each state has their own restrictions for donating cooked food so be sure to check restrictions well before your big day.


If you enjoyed these ideas, share them with someone you know planning a wedding or other event. It will allow them to do good for others while also making their wedding plans extra memorable.