Seven ways to give back during the holidays

Tinamarie of Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
November 23, 2022
by Feeding America staff

Between your holiday parties, family obligations, and the pressure of finding the perfect gift, this time of year can go by in a flash. But during the holiday season, we are often reminded that it’s important to give back. Below are seven easy ways to do just that by helping our neighbors facing hunger.

  1. Set up a holiday food drive. Set up a holiday food drive. Get your friends, family or neighborhood together and start a food drive. Make sure to check out our tips for the perfect holiday food drive and help your local food bank with what they need most. Then in the weeks leading up to the holidays and at holiday gatherings, encourage your neighbors and family to help make a difference by supporting your food drive. 

    Start a Virtual Food Drive

    We are here to help make your virtual holiday food drive a success.
  2. Teach your kids about hunger.  Take the time to educate your kids, grandchildren or friends about hunger and how it can impact families in your community, encouraging empathy for neighbors facing hunger. This handy guide will get you started. They may be inspired to write a letter to your Congress representatives or volunteer at a local food pantry!
  3. Give a gift that gives back.  Do you have a friend or family member that cares deeply for others? This year, consider donating to Feeding America in honor of your friends and family. You will be spreading the love twice as far by giving meals to families who are in need and giving your loved one a meaningful gift.  Give a gift today. Give a gift today.
  4. Volunteer! Did you know that 51% of all food programs rely entirely on volunteers? It won’t cost you anything, but the feeling of helping your neighbors in need during the holiday season is priceless. Get in touch with your local food bank to learn more about volunteer opportunities.
  5. Become an advocate. Learn about important anti-hunger policies and how you can contact your elected representatives. Read about our current work on Capitol Hill today and consider sending a message to your lawmakers letting them know how you feel about anti-hunger programs.
  6. Make a difference online. There are lots of ways that you can help people facing hunger without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can start an online fundraiser or add Feeding America as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile or eBay. Your actions may inspire friends and family to join you in the fight to end hunger.
  7. Send warm holiday wishes to a family facing hunger. Many families aren't able to celebrate the holiday like they’d like when they don’t know where their next meal will come from. Sending a thoughtful note is a simple way to let families in need know that you are thinking of them today and wishing them a brighter tomorrow.