Eight Ways to Give Back This Summer

Fight summer hunger with these family friendly activities

July 28, 2021
by Feeding America

The summer should be relaxing for kids. A time to unwind and hang out with friends and family. But for many kids, summer is anything but carefree. For millions of kids, the end of school means the end of school meals that guarantee regular access to nutritious food. But, food banks across the country help fill that gap through Summer Food Service Programs.

There is also a lot you and your family can do to help kids facing hunger this summer. In between the pool parties and summer getaways, find time to give back with these fun activities for your family.

  1. Get to know the need in your own community. Feeding America network food banks run amazing programs, from providing summer meals for kids to teaching healthy cooking classes to gather unharvested crops from local farms. Contact your local food bank to get involved in helping your hometown.
  2. Plant a family garden and donate part of your harvest to a local food pantry. It’s the ultimate DIY: Use your outdoor space or get involved with a community garden to grow fruits and vegetables that can fill empty plates. Connect with your local food bank to learn how to donate the fresh produce.
  3. Make that 5k go even farther by using an upcoming race as a way to raise money to fight child hunger. Set a fundraising goal to reach by the time of your race and ask your friends and family to support you while you train. Get started with your own personal fundraising page here.
  4. Organize a community food drive. Join forces with your church, local supermarket or other community organization to collect donated food. Learn the ins and outs of organizing a food drive.
  5. Buy an extra bag of food. When you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping, pick up a few extra non-perishable items and bag separately. Then a few times throughout the summer, drop off your collection at your local food bank. A local family in need can enjoy the same meal as you, making your dinnertime that much more special. Wondering what food banks need? Check out our handy guide.
  6. Fundraise with your social network. Facebook and Instagram Fundraisers make it easy to rally your friends and family to support children facing hunger. Setting up a fundraiser for Feeding America just takes a few minutes — get started today.
  7. Volunteer! There’s nothing more rewarding than spending an afternoon making a difference for your own community. There are tons of ways to volunteer, including virtual opportunities as well as in-person — at your local food bank and pantries. Learn more about what it means to volunteer at a food bank.
  8. Spread the word. Educate your friends on the ways you’re fighting child hunger or invite them to volunteer with you. Share with your friends and followers on social media your experience fighting hunger and encourage them to do the same. Check out Feeding America’s Facebook and Twitter pages.