Little Kids Make a Big Impact

Children can make a difference this summer with Feeding America.

May 29, 2018
by Allison Weber

Summer is just around the corner! The days are stretching longer, the sun is shining brighter and many kids are counting the days until school gets out. As you make plans for family fun, consider volunteering together this summer. It’s an easy way to spend time with your loved ones and give back to your community.

Every month, more than two million volunteers across the country help food banks reach hungry children and families. Some of these volunteers are kids who are eager to make a positive impact on their neighbors in need.

Nathaniel is a precocious and caring eight-year-old who likes to sort fresh produce and pack food boxes for seniors at Care and Share Food Bank. He’s known as the “food pun kid” because he’s always coming up with witty jokes. During a recent volunteer shift, he said that sorting onions was very “a-peeling.”

Nathaniel’s whole family gives back at the food bank, and it’s all thanks to him. After learning about the problem of hunger in America, he started asking his mom lots of questions—including why some kids go hungry and what he could do to help them. Nathaniel’s desire to feed people led his mom, dad, brother, and grandma to begin volunteering with him.

Nathaniel volunteers because he wants to help as many people as he can—especially kids and seniors in need. “I think kids should get fruits and veggies because it gives them the opportunity to feel good inside,” he says. “It tells them they’re not alone in this world. Other people will help them through life.”

Watch this video to see why Nathaniel is eager to help struggling seniors too:

Do you have kids in your life like Nathaniel? We can help you encourage them to give back and strengthen their empathy muscles. Our Hungry to Help family activities can guide you in teaching them about hunger. It’s a fun way to show children the importance of serving their community while school is out.

You can even go a step further and connect with your local food bank to make a positive impact on your hungry neighbors. If you volunteer, show your family’s commitment to fighting hunger by sharing stories and videos on social media of your kids giving back. Tag @FeedingAmerica in your posts for a chance to be featured!

*Photo and video courtesy of Care and Share Food Bank.